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Delve deeper into the incredible stories, power, and legacy of one of the most influential books in history: The Bible. In This Dangerous Book, Steve and Jackie Green, founders of the Museum of the Bible and avid collectors of biblical artifacts, explore the impact of the Bible around the world and discuss how the Bible's journey has affected and shaped not just nations but also individual hearts.

They share of the challenges and great risks taken to preserve this precious book that has changed the lives of so many and even led many to martyrdom, as well as how new technology has been able to give us more insight into the authenticity of the Bible. Whether you have built your life on the Bible like the Green family, read it multiple times or never at all, or are curious as to why the Bible still matters in our world today, dare to read this book and discover the wonder and truths of the ancient scriptures passed on to us today through the dedication, efforts, and risks of many. 



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